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High School Friends

Unfiltered Reflection:

The Voices and Stories of Gen Z

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We can change the world and make it a better place.  It is in your hands to make a difference. -Nelson Mandela

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The Unfiltered Reflection Project is looking for teens to author an essay related to their true life experiences and contribute their work to a collection of essays written by teens and for teens.

In writing about their lives, teen authors can articulate their experiences, share their journeys, and pass on helpful knowledge through self expression and reflection with the goal of supporting others.

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Get Started!

Pick A Topic.  

Connect with a Mentor.


Send your abstract to the Unfiltered Reflections team for review and approval. 

Looking for inspiration?  Consider watching this video created by and featuring teens just like you! 


English Tutor

Work with a Mentor

Discuss the project, timelines and expectations.

Writing a Book

Get to Writing

 Tell your story and share the resources that helped you and can help others.

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Submit your essay, work with the Unfiltered Reflections team on the edits, and then see your work in print in a bookstore near you!

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The first step in the process is to think about a topic. What has been a significant part of your story that you can share?

Once you've decided on a topic, think about who you can reach out to as a mentor for your project. Who is a trusted adult who you're comfortable working and talking with throughout this process. 

With your topic and mentor secured, then reach out to the Unfiltered Reflections Team with your essay abstract. We are so excited to hear from you!

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The Unfiltered Reflections team is here to help.  We are moms and professionals with backgrounds in education, student support, and adolescent medicine. We came together on this project with the goal of collecting stories and experiences from teens that could be used to provide insight and guidance to other teens.  We realize the many common, but often private, issues that teens struggle with and recognize the importance of a single voice and a single story to shine light into these often dark places. We want to channel and share the power of a wide range of experiences to let teens know that they are not alone. Read more about the leadership team here. 

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