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About Us

Our Story

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The idea for this book came from listening to teens in our lives sharing their experiences. A lot of what young people are going through right now is pretty tough. We want to normalize the idea that talking about difficult things is important and empowering. Listening to others share their perspectives is how we learn. We want this book to serve as an outlet, a guide, and source of reassurance. Even when we're going through difficult and challenging moments - we are never alone. Never underestimate your ability to share your voice, speak your truth, and uplift those around you.

Meet The Leadership Team

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Commitment to Diversity

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The Unfiltered Reflection Project Team is committed to diversity. 

We understand diversity to encompass all performances and intersections of identity; including race/ethnicity, nationality, immigration, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, family life, as well as special physical/mental/emotional needs. 

Further, we  seek to empower diverse voices on a

multitude of different topics.


Questions about the project? Get in touch to learn more.

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